Luc Tremblay

Senior Architect


Benoît Gauthier

Architectural illustrator (retype in your email software)

François Lépine

IT Consultant,
Web site, 3D animation,...


Erik Sieb

Project Manager,
Public relations


Luc Tremblay – Senior architect

Luc Tremblay was born in Montreal and graduated from the School of Architecture at Laval University.A member of the Quebec Order of Architects, he opened his own firm in 1990 acontactusnd obtained a number of residential projects before working on various commercial projects. Mr.Tremblay is well known in the Charlevoix district where his clients appreciate his approach founded on strong concepts and functional layouts. His love of skyscrapers originally drew him to architecture with the conviction that his career would lead him to work on a truly unique project.

Erik Sieb – Project manager

Born in Montreal, from an American father Erik Sieb’s twenty five-year career has spawned achievements in diverse fields ranging from project management for a communication giant to consultant in new products development and marketing. He has also served as logistics coordinator for many televised major sporting events (1994 US Soccer Cup, 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games) and filled a wide range of functions in the construction and hospitality industries. Passionate about skyscrapers, Mr. Sieb’s current occupation is to develop a concept for the replacement of the World Trade Center. He has dedicated the past nine months, nights and week-ends to this project.

Benoit Gauthier –Architectural illustrator

Following his studies at the Lévis-Lauzon CEGEP in Architectural Technology, Mr. Benoît Gauthier began to work in the offices of a number of architects, engineers and industrial designers. He has developed an invaluable expertise as an architecture technician, perspectivist and creator of various projects, both institutional and commercial. After 15 years of experience and a constant quest for authenticity, Mr. Gauthier seeks to develop and illustrate his projects with astonishing realism. He has participated in several architecture and urban design competitions in different countries, including Poland, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Canada.

Francois Lépine- IT Consultant

François Lépine has enjoyed 15 years of production experience in a broad spectrum of (IT) information technology, including new internet application and custom designed On-line tools. He also has a vast experience in developing animation, visual effects, computer graphics, sound treatment and music composing. He began his career in 1992 as a freelance 3D animator and designer in Québec city. Since he joined Erik Sieb in 1997 as a Computer Graphics and Internet strategy consultants, François has produced numerous projects such as: effective marketing material, award- winning promotional CD-Rom, and numerous web sites. Currently François is Director of Development for Médiane Multimedia, and is continuing to develop several independent projects, co-writing and directing an interactive role-playing adventure for an on-line gaming system.

Has also collaborated to the project:

Roger Langevin – Artistic Advisor

Over the course of almost 30 years, Roger Langevin has created more than 20 large-scale sculptures integrated into their surrounding architecture and environment. His reputation as Canada’s leading monumental artist is well deserved. Here are two of his best known works: Les Pêcheurs [The Fishermen], an immense memorial on the seashore in the Magdalen Islands, which was created in 1990. And the statue honouring poet Félix Leclerc, in Montreal, which made the headlines in 1991. After doctoral studies in Arts and Letters at the University of Aix, in France, Roger Langevin became in 1994 a professor and researcher at the Université de Rimouski in Quebec. There he invented an apparatus called the Modeloir, which he and some 100 students used in 2000 to create a gigantic work called a Trimural. (see: ). Fascinated by the Memorial Circle project, he joined the team as artistic consultant.

Guy Rodgers - Writer

Mr. Rodgers has developed an expertise in assimilating complex data, which is often highly technical, sensitive and controversial, and converting it into words and images that reach the general public. For Expo 2000 in Germany he wrote all the films, videos and interactive terminals that depicted the complex reality of Canada inside the Canada Pavilion. He has written multimedia histories which are permanent expositions in two of the world‚s great cities :The history of Montreal at the Pointe-à-Callière Museum opened in 2001, and the history of Washington DC will open at the new City Museum in spring 2003.

Patrice Baudin – Flash programmer

Following his studies in Marketing at the Creteil University Institute (Paris-France), Patrice established himself in Canada in 1993. In 1994, he started the MVP Teamwear (Canada) company and in 1997, the Promexsports (France) company. Passionate about technologies and computer science, Patrice received a diploma as a live computer info-graphics artist 3D/2D/Frash and become a corporate trainer on macromedia Flash and 3D studio max. At the same time, he joined the graphic team of SACER Group Communication (Paris) as a freelance artist where he realized the multimedia projects for such large groups as Bombardier France, Immobilier Espace Entreprise, Prima, Le groupe Addit and le Groupe Société Nationale Immobilière Africain. Patrice is now working as a flash developper for the webTV. To reach him:

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