The antenna tip would be 1856 ft. high (560 m) and would accommodate broadcasting and communication transmission facilities. (Inline with original North Tower)

The roof top 1506 ft. (459 m) would have a surrounding open-air promenade and a helicopter landing pad

The top deck would include an 800 room hotel, a convention center, restaurants, boutiques, restroom and a panoramic observatory. (2 million sq ft)

The building covering over 100 000 sq.ft at ground level, would offer over 11 million sq ft of office space. 3 (three) towers only

The sky-bridges located at level 42 (450 ft) and level 76 (900 ft) of each tower, the four square shaped sky-bridges would increase security and facilitate traveling for tenants and visitors

The memorial would give access (on each side) to two glassed enclosed 40 000 sq.ft gardens. Located at the base of the central tower, a 25 000 sq.ft. memorial dedicated to the ones who perished on September 11.

The Memorial Circle would connect the surrounding street grid thru a traffic circle. The three lane traffic circle would surround a “below traffic level” park, providing a peace and quiet place to contemplate “in silence” the voids of the lost towers.

The sphere. At the base of the central tower, the original sphere would be placed at the exact same spot where it used to be. Large basin with spectacular fountains, trees and flags would complete the landscape.

Multi-Cultural complex (left of main building) would include a museum, a library, a concert hall, a Cineplex and an Imax™ Theatre.

Visual alignment

We have numerous ideas for creating a site suitable for quiet contemplation of the tragedy of September 11, 2001. One particularly inspired idea would be to build a scale model of the Twin Towers in the circular park that could be aligned with the massive vertical buildings adjacent. The effect of standing on a designated point from which both monuments would come in to alignment, rather like movements of celestial bodies seen from prehistoric observatories, would be an electrifying experience and sure to become an essential New York tourist pilgrimage. It would also be possible to create related observation sites at strategic spots in other boroughs. These related memorial sites would be havens for contemplation with a direct view of the new structure erected on the World Trade Center site.

The specs:

  Original WTC
(towers only)
The New WTC Project
Top 1368 ft 1506 ft
Top (with 350 ft. antenna) 1710 ft 1856 ft
Numbers of towers 2 3
Size (each towers at base) 208 ft X 208 ft 208 ft X 208 ft
Total length of building 208 ft + 208 ft
(spaced by 125 ft)
1100 ft
Floors (number) 110 122
Square ft. usable space

8.8 million sq ft
(Towers only)

10 million sq ft
(Entire WTC complex)

13 million sq ft
Square ft. façade 2.2 million sq ft 3.7 million sq ft


WTC Tower 1

Petronas Towers
Kuala Lumpur
Sears Tower
Empire State
Eiffel Tower
Built - 1972 1998 1974 1931 1889
Height (Tip) 560m
1837 ft
1725 ft
1483 ft
1729 ft
1250 ft
1063 ft
Roof 459m
1506 ft

1368 ft

1242 ft
1454 ft
1250 ft
986 ft
Floors 122 110 88 108 102 n/a

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